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New Realm Media Labs deliver the best VR technology to the market by keeping up with the latest updates and technologies changing everyday. We see huge potential in the MENA region, and with the help of our tech partners we promise to deliver cutting edge virtual reality experiences.

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With more than 30 years of combined experience in the Middle East, the Swatch & Palette team has developed a better understanding of the market, the audience and best practices. We know what localising your campaign is not only about translation, we approach the MENA market knowing the consumer habits, values and traditions.

Film Production

Film has always been one of our passions. The moving image can convey a lot more than any other medium. Let’s work together on your next big idea.

Graphic Design

Design drives our business, it keeps us motivated and happy. It’s the main reason why we love what we do. Good functional design is what sets us apart from the rest.

Online Marketing

We’ve helped many businesses gain a remarkable online footprint, using the latest technologies and channels to generate more business and raise awareness.

Mobile Development

Mobile devices becoming the prominent tool for accessing the web. Your business will need to benefit from the opportunities this platform can offer.

About Us

We believe the best campaigns are built through communication. All our projects begin with extensive research in order to reach a better understanding of our clients’ needs and goals. With a multi-channel approach, we push their brands through different -old and new- media to achieve quicker and wider coverage of the targeted markets and demographics.

This personalised strategy is why we stay away from cookie cutter campaigns, pre-set “special offers” and pricing sheets. We treat each business as our own, we’ll have a chat, grab a pen and paper (or a swatch & palette) and get to work.

As a small business, we fully understand the needs and limitations of fellow SMEs and startups. We know how challenging and thrilling it can be to get your brand moving in the first phases of setting up. We provide a range of services to get your brand out there quickly and effectively.

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Jones the grocer

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Latest Projects

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Bloomberg Businessweek Middle East (Arabic Edition)
Typography Art
Typography Art
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Al Salem Properties
The Fine Arts Journal
The Fine Arts Journal
Shawati Magazine
Shawati Magazine
Intelligent series for Lynchpin Media
Intelligent series for Lynchpin Media

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Creative Director


Karim Khafaji

Tech Director – NRM


LuAnne D’Souza

Marketing Manager


Ramez Junaidy

Production Assistant


M. Kayali

Business Development

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